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3 Ways to Tell If It’s Time to Call Animal Control

At the first sing of any sort of animal infestation, you should take action. While they might not seem to dangerous or problematic, having raccoons, skunks, or other sorts of small animals living in and around your home could cause some serious property damage. So it would be in your and your family’s best interest to call up some professional animal control services to get the unwanted guests out of your property. How can you tell though that it’s time to make that phone call? These three tell-tale signs should warrant a phone call.

1. Scratching Noises Inside the Walls and Ceiling – Are you hearing scratching, rustling, and skittering feet from inside the walls or the ceiling? Don’t worry – it’s not likely to be a ghost and might actually be a group of raccoons trying to figure out the layout of your home. The warmth and silence in these dead spaces in your home are ideal nesting grounds for raccoons because they’re quite and warm. Figure out where the sound is loudest so you can point it out to animal control services once they arrive at your home.

2. Nesting Material in Odd Places – Pay your attic or basement a well-deserved visit. Did you find any small rocks, dirt, leaves, and twigs all collected together in a neat, almost structured pile? These small bunches of nesting material are what raccoons use to keep their offspring safely together. So they will start to build a nest when they find a suitable location in your home. As much as possible, try not to destroy the nest when you find it. Instead, leave it for the animal control specialists to examine. This will make it easier to find the creatures in your home.

3. Poor Insulation – If your electricity bill has increased over the past several months, then it’s probably because of insulation damage caused by raccoons. Often, raccoons will eat away at the material and even use the scraps for their nests. So if you’re noticing that your airconditioner or heater doesn’t work as well as it used to, you might have to call the animal control specialists to find out whether the damage was caused by raccoons.

Keep your home safe from damage and the unwanted disease that wild animals tend to bring along with them. So be sure to call the right guys to get those raccoons and other creatures out of your home for a happy, healthy, damage free space. This will help keep the people you love safe from disease.

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